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What is required to relocate your Red Zone House?

Once you have decided on the house you want just leave the rest to us.

We will prepare the building for removal, cut to size and rejoin if necessary, de-brick your house and clad it with 7mm H3.2 CD (smooth) structural plywood which will keep it from racking and keep it secure and weather tight. Most houses have masonry veneers and will require this work to be done before they are shifted. We use screw fasteners which enable the ply to be removed once transported so that you can install batts and run wires for additional plugs etc if required.

You can use the ply we provide for a cavity batten cladding system or we can provide:-

  1. A shadow clad cladding system (H3.1 12mm shadow clad or similar with cavity battens building paper and fasteners) and
  2. A tana pile foundation system (H5 125x125 tana piles with lumber lock 6, 12 kn fasteners).
  3. A plan draughting and consultation service with local authorities to help obtain a building permit.

Once the house has been transported to your new site, we will tidy up the site in Christchurch and dispose of demolition materials as per local authority requirements. We will even provide the original plans for your house if they are available.

What the estimate doesn't include is your building permit, labour at your site, new services and sundry work like flashings, decks, painting, decorating etc. We are happy to shift any items you would like to reuse but garages are not economic to shift and it's usually better to build a new one.

Finally check out with your local Council that relocated houses are allowed in your area. Usually the house will need no modification. Single glazed windows are okay but it pays to fit insulation if possible. Your house will have new cladding in most cases (as bricks come off) and have a pleasing tidy appearance.

Browse houses currently available...